Author and sports journalist Rod Humphries shares personal experiences and advice from experts in his new book, “Little League to the Major Leagues: A Complete Guide to Baseball’s Assembly Line … Plus Insider Advice on Youth Leagues, High School, College, and the Pros” (published by iUniverse).

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Humphries, who was also a Little League All-Star coach, provides hard facts, data, history and personal experiences – plus contributions from former pros Scipio Spinks, Sid Holland and Justin Humphries – for players, parents and avid fans seeking information on the difficult system. He says the book fills an information void that his family encountered when his son Justin was working his way through the system to a draft pick by the Houston Astros. The book also focuses on the structure and all aspects of the professional game.

“Little League to the Major Leagues” provides the following information, and more:

• Charts the assembly line from 5 million youth players to 500-plus Americans in the Majors
• Little League versus select/travel ball, “daddyball,” pro coaching, and pitcher overuse/abuse
• Player analysis by tools and sabermetric statistics, including a numerical breakdown of the tools
• College recruitment, scholarships, time lines, showcases , coaching camps and steroid use
• Scouts/scouting, the annual draft, and a chart on the draft odds of making the Majors
• Life in the Minors, the rise of Latin players, and a short career for most in the Majors

What people are saying:

"As the father of a 10-year-old all-star ballplayer, after reading Little League to the Major Leagues I consider it to be the Bible for all youth parents out there." Read more...

"Humphries pulls back the curtain on America's Pastime and reveals the challenges and capriciousness of the game – indeed, the entire business of baseball -- that are thrown at all aspiring players. This is the definitive book on baseball, warts and all." Read more...

"It is my experience that most parents of promising, talented young ball players do not have access to professional baseball people to guide them in their decisions through the system." Read more...

"Rod Humphries’ Little Leagues to the Major Leagues is the new Bible for anyone trying to make sense of the tricky trail from recreational baseball to the upper levels of competition." Read more...