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A baseball dad explains the need to fill an information void for fellow travelers

Part One
An Overview of the System

Chapter 1: Difficult Game … Formidable System
Why baseball is difficult to play and why families need to understand the system
Chapter 2: The Assembly Line
A chart plus an in-depth look at the five levels of baseball’s assembly line
Chapter 3: The Structure of Professional Baseball
Discussion of all levels of the pro structure, including the Minor Leagues and Independent Minor Leagues
Chapter 4: Outline of the Major League Draft
An overview of the MLB June draft
Chapter 5: Player Evaluation: The Tools
The five tools and how players are officially evaluated
Chapter 6: Player Evaluation: Performance
Old school versus new school: the statistical data movement
Chapter 7: New Bats Transform Amateur Game and Scouting
A recent major change in bats transforms the sport and impacts scouting
Chapter 8: The Money
Breakdown of the money costs and rewards

Part Two
The Youth Leagues

Chapter 9: Daddyball and Coaching
Shortcomings of father coaches and the need for professional lessons
Chapter 10: Little League versus Select/Travel Teams
Little League and the explosion of rival select/travel teams
Chapter 11: Pitcher Abuse and Tommy John
A detailed look at arm injuries in baseball and Tommy John surgery

Part Three
High School and College

Chapter 12: It’s the Tools, Not the Schools
Why power schools are not absolutely necessary in scouting
Chapter 13: Showcases
Impressing college recruiters and professional scouts
Chapter 14: College Camps: The Best Little Secret in Recruiting
Importance of college coaching camps in the recruiting process
Chapter 15: Wanted: A Lot of Good Men
Competition for a college roster spot in a difficult job market
Chapter 16: Recruiting Time Line
Planning for a college signing
Chapter 17: Scholarships: Baseball Gets No Respect
A breakdown of baseball scholarships at all college levels
Chapter 18: Performance-Enhancing Drugs
An in-depth look at all PEDs: their tragic history, laws, rules, and testing

Part Four
The Pros

Chapter 19: Pro Prospects: Citius, Altius, Fortius
The key to moving along the assembly line: faster, higher, stronger
Chapter 20: Scouts and Scouting
How professional and free-agent scouting work
Chapter 21: The Draft, “Signability,” Bonuses, Contracts, and Agents
The odds of reaching the Major Leagues from each draft round, plus the complete system
Chapter 22: The Draftee Dilemma: The Pros or College?
The arguments for accepting a draft pick or going to college
Chapter 23: Draft Day … and a Family Decides
How it works on draft day and decisions of the Humphries family
Chapter 24: Latin Players Boom … African Americans Decline
A tectonic shift in professional baseball
Chapter 25: The Minors: A Hard Day’s Night
How players pay their dues in the Minor Leagues
Chapter 26: The Rite of Spring
A time when everything begins anew and a ritual for cutting pro players
Chapter 27: The Majors: A Temporary Career for Most
Study shows a short life in the Major Leagues
Chapter 28: A Personal Story
The career of Justin Humphries provides valuable insight into the system

Viewing baseball talent through the prism of education


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