As the father of a 10-year-old all-star ballplayer, after reading Little League to the Major Leagues I consider it to be the Bible for all youth parents out there. The information including data, history and personal advice is, among other things, a reality check for parents and players. The information that breaks down the assembly line and advises about seeking scholarships, the scant number of baseball scholarships available, the Major League Baseball scholarship program -- the whole recruiting process and what to expect on the journey from youth leagues to the pros -- is priceless.

I am one of those million dads who believe his kid has a chance for the pros. So the statistics on participation numbers and the odds of making it are depressing to say the least. At times when reading the book I questioned: “why should I pitch a hundred balls a day to my kid if this is how it might end?” But in the end the underlying theme of using baseball to get an education rang the loudest with me. As a baseball dad, I was inspired by the journey of the author’s son Justin, also a Contributor to the book, who was drafted out of high school, spent nine years in the pros, but did not realize his dream of playing in the Major leagues. He took the college scholarship money he negotiated with the Houston Astros to go back to school while still playing pro ball, and graduated magna cum laude from Columbia University in New York.

Appropriately author Humphries quoted Rudyard Kipling on “Triumph and Disaster.” He said you should dream but not make dreams your master. Humphries says that nobody should expect a career in the big leagues, but they should aim for it and have a backup plan centered on real education. I loved the book!

- Sean Shedlock, California Travel Baseball Authority

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